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Tropical Fruit Direct

The core foundations of the Tropical Fruit Direct business model is to connect the grower to the consumer, by establishing & maintaining long lasting relationships between growers, marketers, wholesalers and retailers in the tropical fruit category.

At Tropical Fruit Direct, we thrive  on challenging the norms – focusing on partnerships and not transactions.  We provide growers with complete transparency of the supply chain & our team is equipped with modern facilities around Australia to serve markets with confidence & expertise to grow your business.

We deliver value to wholesalers and retailers not only through providing high consistency, quality and communication within the supply chain; but also by sharing and inspiring consumers through enticement, engagement & education on tropical fruit lines.  In addition, we work with wholesalers and retailers to ensure that they are equipped, with the knowledge to promote the category.


Our Mission

To drive change in the tropical category, we realise that growers need solid financial returns to drive investment and innovation in their businesses and a clear marketing strategy to deliver and grow those returns on a long term basis. We provide the platform to allow growers to do what they do best – deliver high quality, Australian grown produce to domestic and international markets. Our team of experts is here to assist growers with their business goals to ensure long-term sustainability in this dynamic and competitive industry.


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